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Will my factory front sight work with the Skinner Sight?

This is the most common question we are asked.

When the rear sight is raised, (i.e. installing a receiver sight) a taller front sight will usually be needed.  Occasionally the factory front will work but there are times when a taller front sight is needed.

Our recommendation is: "Shoot it and see..."

Choosing the correct front sight requires Customer participation. By doing so, if a taller front sight is required, you can determine very closely how high it should be based on your shooting results.


Skinner Front Sights

Some information about front sights may be helpful as an introduction to help make the best selection for your use.   A well-made front sight is critical to accuracy.

We have three styles of Front Sights:

  1. Blades (Most accurate/durable/easily trimmed to height if needed, strongest, can be painted if desired)
  2. Beads: (Most traditional, easy to see, for some it feels more natural)
  3. Fiber Optics: (Easiest to see, fast target acquisition, good in very low light)

Front sights heights are measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the top of the sight.

Fitting:  Dovetails vary in size between manufactures, models, even individual guns of the same make and model.  Consequently, we make our front sight dovetails slightly oversize.  Fitting instructions included with our rear sights or found at the bottom of this page. This is helpful information.


For use with rifles that have a dovetail cut in the barrel but need a taller front sight than is practical without a ramp.

front sights

(Shown mounted on a Henry Single Shot)

Please call us for height recommendations for the Henry Single Shots.


To help answer the question we also offer the following Info:

The Skinner Sights NEF / H&R / HENRY sight is approx.
.375" from the top of the barrel to the center of the aperture.

The Skinner Sight has about 14 MOA of elevation adjustment.

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