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Best Lever Action Rifle Modifications

There are very few things you can hang on a Lever Gun that make it more useful.  A stock lever action rifle is about as slim, sleek, svelte, and useful as it can be.  Smooth lines, no protrusions, nothing to hang up, goes in and out of a scabbard or case, use around the camp or vehicle easily, etc...   

About anything we "accessorize" with will actually impede the natural handling characteristics of these iconic rifles. I've designed and chosen these accessories with that reality in mind.

If Tacticool is your thing by all means embrace it, but do understand that there is a difference between "Looks Cool!" and "Works Better".


In my lifetime spent in the outdoors with lever action rifles, I've narrowed the mods down to these helpful items.

1.  Better sights

A rugged peep or ghost ring sight will add sight radius and a more intuitive, easier to use sighting system.  At lever gun ranges an optic is not really warranted.  Anything that runs on batteries can also fail when you need it.

Skinner Sights are machined from solid steel, stainless steel, or brass bar stock.  The only aluminum we use is in our rails where weight is an issue.  No plastic...

2.  A Simple, Light Weight Sling.lever action rifle modifications

Something to carry the rifle/carbine and give some hands-free capability is very useful.  Let the sling be for carrying the rifle.  Anything you hang off the sling will become a pendulum swinging under the rifle when shooting offhand.  That includes knives, ammo, large pads, etc.

I've settled on our Biothane SUPER SLING as a great all-around carry sling.  We also have nice leather basketweave that have a classic look yet are very functional.

3.  A Butt Cuff with "some" Ammo carrying capacity.

A well-constructed, simple, butt cuff that holds a few extra rounds can be handy if you need to "Grab and GO" with your rifle.  Keep it simple and light.  5 or 6 extra rounds will be enough.  Clean the ammo regularly.

Our Cuffs are made by a good friend who does amazing work. They will last a lifetime.

4.  A way to attach a small tactical flashlight. lever action rifle modifications

We are not afraid of the dark, we just need to SEE the things that are IN the dark...  I like my light to be removable so I can mount it when needed but not have it in the way.  Its only dark half of the day.  This is helpful when used as a home defense measure and also in the tent when Yogi comes to visit. 

Check out our LEVER LIGHT RAILS for the slickest lever gun light mount available.

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I’ve hunted with lever’s my entire life. At 62, with plenty of seasons behind me and hopefully ahead of me, I’ve found your comments to be wise. Simple is good. Don’t clutter the gun up with potential failures. I love a simple sling with perhaps an extra few rounds in a cuff. Hard to improve on perfect. All else is marketing to the gadget guy. Oh and of course peeps are the perfect sight! There’s a reason you don’t see optics on firearms used for dangerous game.

Miller Chris

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