Rossi R95

Rossi R95

Seems like this is the "Year of the Levergun".  Lots of new Leverguns on the market, most very good, some interesting, and some we don't know too much about yet.

Marlin and Henry have been steady and are bringing out some stellar new models.  We are also seeing some movement at Rossi, best known for their line of 1892 Winchester clones. 

A few years back Rossi had a large frame 30-30 and 45-70 dubbed the "Rio Grande" They were good rifles, fairly spartan in their finish and fit but functioned and shot pretty well.  Of course, Skinner Sights added sight models to fit those Rio Grande's and still support them today.   In the past 8 - 10 months, Rossi snuck up on the Levergun world with the sudden release and availability of some (and lets just acknowledge the Elephant in the room) very faithful reproductions of Marlin 336's and 1895's.  These rifles are being made by CBC in Brazil and imported by Braztech.   Before many of us had even heard they were coming, they were on the dealers' shelves.   

We knew there would be calls for better sights and accessories so I bought one at the local gun store and brought it in house for us to measure and make sure we could accommodate those customers who wanted to upgrade and improve their new rifles.

We quickly realized that the sight mounting locations and fastener holes were the same as Marlins dating back into the mid 1950's. 


The guns are well fit, smooth cycling and shoot well.  I've not done much target shooting with one yet to give an accuracy report but on steel and plinking they have done well.   I'm not sure what kind of wood CBC is using for the stocks, but they are shaped well, nothing clunky or odd feeling about them, nicely stippled (instead of checkering) and stained a good dark color that blends well with the blued steel.

I replaced the "Buck Horn" sights (the factory sight is a true semi buckhorn) and ramped front sight with a Skinner Picatinny Rail with Peep (available here), filled the empty barrel dovetail with a Dovetail Slot Blank,  and added the Skinner BEAR BUSTER front sight with White Face.

For a bit of "utility" I added a Skinner LEVER LIGHT RAIL which is super handy in hunting camp at night when taking care of "chores" outdoors in bear country or around the house as things tend to go "bump" in the night.   This rail will accept almost any of the current quick detach (QD) smaller but BRIGHT weapons lights.

We carry the Olight brand Flashlights with integral laser.  I can attest that these lights are AMAZING at lighting up the night and the green laser makes for quick target acquisition.

To cap it all off, I used one of our Biothane SUPER SLINGS (Olive Drab Color has become my favorite) for simple, no nonsense carrying or when both hands are needed.  I have proved this sling out in the field and its stellar.  Looks like leather, wears like Iron, impervious to moisture, stays flexible in cold weather and looks good.   

Overall, this is a really nice rifle, now has all the helpful accessories, nothing too "Tacticool" to impede function or handling, and still carries that traditional look, slipping in and out of the scabbard with ease. 

Looking forward to hitting the range with this handy outfit.  From what I've experienced so far, it should be just right.


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Hello Richard,

We do have WINGED sights (front and rear) for the Rossi R95. Same sights as for the Marlin 1895. Check the front screw spacing in the Rossi Ramp. They will be either 1" center to center or .700"

Order accordingly.

Hope that helps!

Andy Larsson

Not sure of skinner still makes them but they used to have a combat inspired winged front and rear sights. Am I right in assuming those made for the 336 would fit on the M95?

Richard Guard

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