Today's Optics: Rifle Optics Advancements

Today's Optics: Rifle Optics Advancements

optics advancements

Rifle Optics Advancements

When Rifle optics first came out they had a few obstacles to overcome. Some of the early scopes were not nitrogen filled and marginally water tight. This Weaver K4 is a good example.

Consequently, some mount manufactures worked towards solutions should something in (or with) the scope go gunny-bag during a hunt. (Or if the Irons were preferred for a specific circumstance or shot)

This Pachmeyer pivot mount was designed to swivel over out of the way, then snap back into place without loosing zero. Properly adjusted it will perform as intended.

"See through" scope mounts are a serious compromise requiring improper head position with little or no cheek weld. Our best advice (especially with Leverguns whose stocks are designed for low iron sight use) is keep your scope mount and rings absolutely as low as possible for best use in the field.

This is my Savage 250-3000 takedown. Fun to shoot and nostalgic to hunt with and carry.

Today's optics (even the budget priced models) are pretty reliable, even in inclement weather.

Though I've set this rifle up to be period correct, the Skinner Optic 1-6x24 would be far superior in image quality, repeatable adjustment, and reliability.

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