Turkey Season: More Than Leverguns

Turkey Season: More Than Leverguns

Turkey Season
turkey hunting

Turkey Season

Skinner Sights has solutions and options for more than just Leverguns, although Leverguns are definitely where our hearts are. It's Turkey Season again! These pictures were from a year ago. Sheila Larsson hunted Turkeys on the Island of Hawaii using our Skinner Optics 1-6X24 lit dot reticle scope.

This scope is a true 1X at the lowest setting. With a 1moa crisp red illuminated dot, it's quick yet precise. The optics are clear and bright, adjustments are certain and repeatable, and they hold up to the recoil of 2 oz Turkey loads just fine.

Sheila doesn't weigh very much but she practiced with and sighted this gun in, even though the recoil would lift her feet off the ground from a sitting position—Pretty entertaining to say the least. I don't ever want her to get hurt, but this was what it was.

These turkey loads generate about the same amount of recoil as most cartridges used for elephants.

Congratulations again on a great bird, baby!

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