Leverguns and Revolvers: A Story

Leverguns and Revolvers: A Story

OM Blackhawk

Leverguns and Revolvers

Leverguns and Revolvers go together like bread and butter, chocolate and peanuts, blonds and lipstick, Starsky and Hutch, Lone Ranger and Tonto. Many of you have a revolver story...This is mine.

This OM Blackhawk has been with me for 49 years. I traded a local police officer an 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine for it when I was 12. The Carbine bore was far gone and it would keyhole bullets at 50 yards. I thought it was a great trade. I still do, even though the Winchester would be worth more today.

This Ruger taught me how to reload, cast lead, size bullets, and carried me confidently through interesting times. It slept next to me in the high country while Grizzlies wandered about at night, travelled across the country many times as a road trip companion, and is the only gun whose presence on my hip was verbally recognized by those who would have done me harm except for its presence.

It has harvested deer, bear, and many varmints big and small. It's roll as a cordless drill is legendary due to a used toilet seat install in an equally well used outhouse. 148 gr. Hollowpoints over a stiff charge of Bluedot can have catastrophic effects on large amounts of pudding consistency semi solids.

Today, thousands of rounds later, it still locks up as tight as when it was new. When I was 15, I showed it to Bill Jordan and he kindly praised it, showed me how to draw it, and taught me to make bulk wax bullets with which to practice that draw using safe live fire.

The holster that came along in the trade has always been sufficient. It hangs on an old basket weave belt that doesn't quite fit around my middle anymore but served me well for decades of hard use.

Some friends are friends forever… In honor of Elmer Keith's Birthday

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Hello Obersaber,

Glad you checked in here. Those good old days changed our lives. For the better…

Andy Larsson

Falling out of love with FB and looking for less moderation.
I will check back more frequently from now on.
Good story, I owned a flat top and bought reloading supplies from Herter’s.
Take care!


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