Andy Larsson

Hi, my name is Andy, owner of Skinner Sights.

Skinner Sights was started by my long time friend and mentor, Dr. Tim Skinner.  He was building sights as a hobby (turned business) in his basement during retirement from serving as our local School District Superintendent.   Growing sales required 8 hours a day building sights.  2010 found him wanting to retire (again).  while discussing the design and production of a ladder sight, Dr. Skinner and I engaged in a business deal which resulted in my purchase of Skinner Sights. 

The shop was relocated to my home town. St. Ignatius,Montana where I worked alone in a garage shop for the next 10 months.  As sales and product line grew, I hired a lifelong friend and my daughter to help with production.  

We built a 5000 Sq. foot manufacturing facility in 2016 and today have over 10 employee's building, assembling, and shipping quality Gun Sights all across the country.  

Here at the foot of the Mission Mountains, (one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world) Skinner Sights continue to be crafted and hand fit for you, the discriminating shooter.  Our goal has always been to build the best quality, most rugged, durable, aesthetically attractive, and amazingly accurate sights we can produce.

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