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TacticalFeaturing protective "wings" and full adjustment for elevation and windage, the Skinner WING Sight 
offers strength and durability while affording a "perfect" sight picture!


 Note:  These photos were taken when we were still engraving the sides of the sights with SKINNER "Tactical".  We are NO LONGER engraving our "WINGED" sights. 

     What do our customers say about the WINGED Sight?
Hey Andy, 
I recently received my winged front and rear sights for my guide gun. I had thought about optics for it for bear hunting but after my range test with these sights I could not be happier. 
At 50 yards for the sight in I shot a cloverleaf. I was shooting 2 inch groups at 100 yards with factory loads. Reached out to 150 yards for 4 inch groups. Certainly minute of bear. I can't wait to see what it can do with hand loads. 
Quite easy to adjust height and windage and install was a breeze. The gun is quick to aim and far exceeds the stock sights or any optic in that regard. I am quite happy. 

                 336 / 1895 WING Sight


Rugged and Dependable, the Skinner  "Winged" sight 
is machined from solid barstock and sits LOW on the receiver.  The "no snag" profile and protective shape of the sight assures
   quick handling and performance in  the most demanding, 
                    dangerous and extreme hunting situations.


 This sight is fully adjustable
  for windage and elevation 
     and will not shoot loose. 

  No intricate parts to bend or lose. 

  The Skinner WING Sight
   sits .100" lower than our
    standard 336/1895 sight.

                                                        Available in:
                                 BLUE  ~ $80      and       STAINLESS  ~ $95


 Each Skinner sight comes
 supplied with mounting 
 screws and the appropriate
 wrenches for installation
 and adjustment!

                    WINGED MARLIN 1894 PEEP SIGHT  

Using the same design as
our 95/336 sight, the 
Skinner WINGED 94 sight
is machined from solid bar
stock and is ROCK SOLID
in performance.

                    Skinner "WINGED FRONT"
               (Replaces front ramp on Marlin 1894/336/1895 rifles)

sight uses the Marlin factory mounting holes for easy installation.  The sight blade is adjustable
for elevation.
  Height is .425" to .500"
   (Top of barrel to top of blade)

                      Currently available in BLUE only. 

          (Order via Drop Box by ADD TO CART button near the top of this page.)
                              (NO GUNSMITHING REQUIRED) 

         (Please specify .700" or 1.00" center to center hole spacing)
     Note:  Some Marlin Ramps have a screw hidden underneath the front sight dovetail .  Marlin Guide Guns have a 1.00 Hole spacing.  Most rifles built prior to 2000 have .700 hole spacing.  1894 Rifles built after 2000 generally have .700" hole spacing.

                  Screws and mounting/adjustment wrenches supplied.



    The Mini SHOT Reflex RED DOT Sight

                               ~ CLICK HERE ~

                             For model 1895 ~ 336 ~ 1894 Marlins

                  FOR THE "WINGED" REAR SIGHTS


Use one of our five
APERTURES  (click link) or remove the aperture completely for a .200" Ghost Ring effect.

        (Sight will be SHIPPED WITH A  .096" STANDARD  Skinner Aperture installed)



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