Skinner Sights are hand crafted in my shop in St. Ignatius, Montana.  Machined from solid steel, stainless steel or brass bar stock, the parts are hand fitted to close tolerances.  We have worked hard to design sights which are not only extremely functional and rugged, but to also complement the firearm.    I make high quality sights at a reasonable cost to the customer.   
Skinner SightsTM  are not expensive, but not cheap and our 
customer service is second to none.  Through field testing I continue to improve the designs for function, durability and appearance. 

sights are guaranteed with a 30 day, money back,  policy.  Your satisfaction is very important to me.  If at any time your sight needs to be repaired, I do so at no charge.  

NOTE:  Some of the photos on this site are of  early production.  There may have been some very slight changes in design to some models that will enhance performance but not shown in these photos

We Engrave SKINNER SIGHTS on most models.  Some of these photos were taken prior to implementing engraving as standard on our sights.  We will update photos as available.

                           WHATS NEW???

Skinner Sights
Carbine Survival Kit 
This PREMIUM Winchester 1892 Clone TAKE DOWN Carbine features SKINNER APERTURE SIGHTS and is built to our specifications.
44 Magnum Caliber
6+1 Capacity
16 1/2" Octagon Barrel
Walnut Carbine Butt Stock and Forend
Warm Tone Stainless Hard Chrome Finish

This survival kit is the result of a lifetime 
spent in the extreme outdoors. 
Everything Pictured is Included
Ontario Knife Co. RAT-7 Knife with "BUSH PILOT" logo
DOAN Magnesium Mil Spec. USA Fire Starter
50' of USA made Mil Spec. 750 Paracord
Titan STORMPROOF FLARE Matches in H2O proof container
Brunton USA Tru-Arc Compass
Space Blanket Tube Tent (Large enough for two)
(22" long)
Not Included

The Skinner "BUSH PILOT" logo is engraved on the receiver with a matching Logo on the RAT-7 blade
Knife is serial numbered to the gun and issued a LTD ED. #
Currently in stock and available but going quickly. 
 For ordering information please email us at 
MSRP: $1799
Introductory Price $1499
(Carbine only available with the Skinner Survival Kit)
Please see more specifications at:  BUSH PILOT
Carbine has a 1 in 20 twist to stabilize heavier bullets.
Skinner Aperture Rear Sight with Fiber Optic front sight is QUICK and accurate for field use.
“This unique Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit is the result of spending a lifetime in the extreme outdoors. With the Skinner “BUSH PILOT” kit you will be prepared!.” 
                                              Andy Larsson, owner of Skinner Sights.
(Carbine built to our Specs. by  Chiappa USA)

Using premium materials and construction, this cover will discretely carry your concealed handgun and an extra magazine.
We all know "Soft" targets will be a focus for "trouble" in the months / years to come.  
  Don't let your "Parish" ~ "Perish"
Our "Concealed Carry Bible Cover" will hold a large Bible and securely carry either a revolver or semi auto handgun.
(4" Revolver or Glock mod. 22 sized handguns and smaller)
Available in our signature "non tactical" OLIVE or BLACK
~  $49  ~
Bible Cover
(Must be used in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.  All standard firearm handling rules apply.)

HTF_1E                   Check out the
Featured on our GUN CASES page.  This bag is designed to hold a long gun, two handguns, three 30rd. rifle mags, 8 handgun mags, a knife, flashlight, plus misc. accessories inconspicuously, securely, and ready at a moments notice.
Featuring removable holsters, this bag is constructed of heavy weight Cordura and premium heavy weight stitching.
                      ON SALE!!!
~ $189 ~
                          Available only in Olive color as shown.
                       CLICK HERE TO ORDER
(Must be used in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.  All standard firearm handling rules apply.)

        The SKINNER  "860"  RELIABLE Sight
For some reason, MANY manufactures use a rear sight mount hole space of .860" (center to center)  Our new "860" RELIABLE sight is just the ticket for this application.  One sight that fits several Rifle Models!  Screw size is 6-48. 
  Shown here on a 
     RUGER 10/22
This sight fits many current manufacture rifles as well as some vintage
models which are no longer in production.  
This is the infamous 
44 Magnum / Semi Auto
Due to its universal nature, the "860" RELIABLE will also fit many rifles currently in production from several manufactures.
Want a light HANDY rifle
that seriously drives tacks?
The "860" fits perfectly on 
(Short and Long Action)
We have ramps and front sights available.
What else will it fit?
TC VENTURE / SAVAGE 110 , 10, AXIS / BROWNING A BOLT WINCHESTER Model 70, 88, 100 / Remington 740, 760, 770, 870
Montana Rifle Company 1999 / Mossberg 4X4 / and MANY more!
Available in 
Blue Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, and our infamous "BLACK GOLD"
Sight comes with Screws and wrenches for mounting and adjustment.  Supplied with a .096" Aperture installed. Other APERTURES available.
Screw size is 6-48 on .860" centers. / Instructions included.
Top of receiver to center of aperture is approx. .400"

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                              Andy Larsson
                              P.O. Box 1810
                              St. Ignatius, MT  59865

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            Why choose a peep sight for Rifles?

375_mod_70All military battle rifles and many "Dangerous Game Guns" have been fitted with peep sights for at least the last 70 years.  There is a good reason for this.  They are the fastest and most accurate iron sight you can put on your rifle.  

(This 375 H+H has been used on Cape Buffalo, Lions, Elephants and other dangerous game in Zimbabwe for over 50 years.  Note the aperture rear sight.  It never fogs, breaks, loosens, or goes out of adjustment.)

Here is some information on sighting errors as put forth by no less than, Col.Townsend Whelen, in his book on reloading, "Why Not Load Your Own," published in 1949 when the use of telescopic sights was a rarity. With normal eyesight, either naturally or corrected by glasses, he found that the following list applied at a distance of 100 yards:

Open Rear Sight:
Accuracy is unpredictable due to lighting conditions (shoots away from side lighting, and high for overhead mid-day conditions).
Aperture Rear, Gold or Ivory bead front: 1.5 -2"

Aperture Rear, Black Post front: 1"
Aperture Rear, Aperture front: 1/2 to 3/4"
2-1/2x Scope: 1/4-1/2"
6x Scope: 1/8" to 1/4"
10x Scope: 1/16" to 1/8"
20x Scope: Practically None.

As you can see from the information above, the ability to sight using a aperture sight exceeds the accuracy of most rifles.


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