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Ruger Firearms are an American Legacy.  The guns of our childhood are Winchesters, Marlins, Remingtons, and RUGERS... 

 One of the most beautiful rifles made in America today is the 
                           RUGER #1


After many requests for a SKINNER SIGHT for this "Elegant" rifle, we knew it would need to follow the classic lines, NOT attach with "knobs" and "wings".

                       THIS SIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Following the classy lines of the Quarter Rib, the Skinner RUGER #1 sight blends perfectly, not looking like an "add on" but part of the rifle itself.

      Windage and Elevation Adjustable, 
            no alteration to rifle required.

(Since Ruger uses Quarter Ribs of different thicknesses, screws are shipped long and will need to be shortened.  This is not difficult but does require either a Dremel tool or bench grinder/sander  We have test fit this sight to 8 different calibers of Ruger #1's.  Two customers have reported a shorter rib than any of our test rifles.  Both were fairly obscure calibers. (factory 30-30 and a 257 Roberts)  These two rifles required a slight alteration of the bottom rear portion of the sight to give clearance over the receiver.  Out of MANY of these sold, these were the only two needing such a modiification)


Slim and TRIM, this sight delivers a perfect sight picture and uses our
5 Different Apertures
(shipped with our Standard .096 installed)

AND...  No Promises here...   But on this test rifle, (7X57 Mauser) the factory front sight worked perfectly.
  Please...  Do not email or call and ask,  "Will this work with my (insert caliber)? "

If you have front sight questions please read the information on our FAQ page.

The only way to know is to install the sight and shoot with the ammunition you want to use.
          BLUE ~ $75       BRASS ~ $80      STAINLESS ~ $85 

        Ruger 10/22 "EXPRESS"
                      (Will work on ALL models and variations of the 10/22)

                            (Shown here in our famous "BLACK GOLD" Option)

This amazing rifle has become the most popular .22 LR rifle of all time.  A favorite of target shooters, small game hunters, and plinkers, almost every serious firearm owner has at least one.  Adding the SKINNER 10/22 "EXPRESS" rear aperture sight keeps the TRIM, SLIM, functional and ACCURACY of the Ruger design without adding bulk or extra weight.

Like all SKINNER sights, the 10/22 "EXPRESS" is machined from solid STEEL or STAINLESS  barstock to be durable and rugged in the field.

Never any aluminum which is softer and prone to finish wear.

                            Available In

      BLUE ~ $95       BRASS ~ $100       STAINLESS ~ $105
                      And the beautiful (yet very functional) 
                                                  (as shown)

                             BLACK GOLD ~ $115
Choose Model and Material

The 10/22 "EXPRESS" ships with a .096" aperture installed and accepts any of our 5 sizes available on our APERTURES page.  Remember, as with any SKINNER SIGHT, remove the apeture completely for a "GHOST RING" effect.

Our apertures are machined from solid steel and have precision "Crisp" round holes for target accuracy.


                     (Mounting Screws and Wrenches included)

FRONT SIGHT heights can be a variable.  Please see info on our FRONT SIGHT page about selection of a front sight.

I would recommend starting with a .450" front sight but cannot guarantee that it will be correct for your specific rifle.

We always suggest mounting the SKINNER rear sight and shooting on paper at a known distance with the factory front sight.  Then, using information found here, make front sight changes as needed.

Please...  Read the info on our FAQ page instead of calling or emailing and asking, "Will this work with my factory front sight"

The factory rear sight can be folded down out of the way or, you can slick up the feel and appearance of your rifle with a DOVETAIL SLOT BLANK
available on our SPECIAL ITEMS page where you will also find many other helpful items.

      RUGER 10-22 TAKE DOWN
                                    (Will work on ALL 10-22's) 



10-22_TD_Rear_2  Front & Rear 10-22_TD_FrontSet

     $70 in BLUE   ~  $73 in BRASS   ~  $75 in STAINLESS

WOW !!!  That was my first response to Rugers new release of 
A TAKE DOWN 10-22.  I have always been a big fan of the 10-22 in all configurations.  Mounting a scope on a TAKE DOWN rifle seems silly since the idea is to make as small of a package as possible to be easily carried and transported. 

We responded with a shortened version of our BARREL MOUNT sight that clears the take down mechanism and does not contact the stock during assembly.  THIS IS SLICK AND PROVIDES AN AMAZING SIGHT PICTURE

The Skinner "10-22 BARREL MOUNT" ships with our .125" aperture installed (5 APERTURE SIZES AVAILABLE) and given the uniformity of common ammunition and barrel dimensions, this sight


Having both sights mounted on the barrel portion of the rifle  insures repeatability when disassembled and re-assembled.  

I have been shooting our test rifle A LOT and it functions flawlessly, assembles and re-assembles easily.  The take down mechanism is easy to adjust and stays TIGHT even after many assemblys.  AND MOST IMPORTANT!!!  EVERYONE WHO HAS SHOT IT FINDS IT EASY TO SHOOT AND VERY ACCURATE!  (Especially easy for beginning shooters to master)

(Note:  On some (we have had a few reports out of hundreds sold) 10/22 Takedown Rifles, the rear of our sight contacts the barrel contour during installation. Almost every customer has reported success by fitting the dovetail so the rear of the sight can ride up onto the contour.  The difference is slight and results more than satisfactory.  We have not determined why this occurs with some and not all Takedown models.  We have not encountered this issue on standard 10/22's.  Please know that this is ALL the info I can share on this subject.  The solution works great.  This is not a defect or "out of spec" issue with the sight.  We make them all the same)

              THE 10-22 TD CASE


Ruger ships this rifle with an OEM supplied case...   ITS HUGE.  As one customer reported, "I can get my rifle, AND ENOUGH CLOTHES FOR A WEEKEND OUTING in this case...  OOPS...  Remember the goal?  "Easily Carried and Transported"  Ever try to shove an overnight bag under (or behind) the seat in your truck?  Doesn't work.....
TD Case

The Skinner FLAT TAKEDOWN CASE  (22") is PERFECT for the 10-22 TD.  As its name implies, it is FLAT.  After showing this combo to several "professionals" and "enthusiasts" the exclaim is always the same...
                                "I WANT ONE OF THOSE"

                                  SEE OUR OTHER CASES HERE

RUGER has built one of the nicest bolt action .22 LR's we have seen in a long time.  This rifle is accurate, light, smooth, and well finished.  Due to many requests for an Aperture (peep) sight for this fine rifle, SKINNER SIGHTS has responded with a WINDAGE and ELEVATION adjustable, NO GUNSMITHING REQUIRED, machined from solid barstock RECEIVER MOUNTED sight.
Using two factory threaded holes on top of the receiver, our sight mounts quickly with no modifications to your rifle.
A taller front sight may be required.  Please see our FAQ page for more details.
We have a front sight package for those who do require a taller front sight.  This package includes a STEEL single screw (6-48) Ramp and a Fiber Optic Dovetailed front sight.  We cannot promise this will be the exact height needed but it has worked on our test rifle.
Ruger American
Sight comes with a .096" aperture installed.  More apertures available on our APERTURES page.  

The RUGER "AMERICAN Centerfire rifle is Light, Smooth, Accurate, and reliable.  The "Old Timers" knew aperture Sights are not just for .22's and Lever Guns.  There were many "Classic Bolt Guns" (Winchester 54, 70, Remington 30, 721, 700, Mannlicher's, Mausers, etc) fit with aperture sights for serious, no nonsense "in the field" use.
              The addition of a Skinner "EXPRESS" Sight to your
       Ruger "AMERICAN" brings the useful, no nonsense, practical APERTURE SIGHT to a "Modern, Light Weight, EFFECTIVE platform"
                         (Windage and Elevation Adjustable)
                           Ships with our .096" Aperture Installed.  
                                  ~ $95 ~
                                       (available in BLUE only)
Ruger American
A front sight will need to be added.  We offer a Ramp (single 6-48 screw mounted) allowing the addition of any standard 3/8" dovetail, 3/8" wide base front sight.  (Please see our FRONT SIGHT page for front sights)
(Note:  Although we can get "Close" on height, front sight selection will require shooting on paper at a known distance with a "Temporary" front sight.  We recommend using a black "ZIP TIE" fastened around the muzzle, bent vertical, then "clipped" with a side cutter or finger nail clipper,etc.)  After the proper height is determined, a Ramp/Sight combo can be selected)

These ramps look good and are easily installed by a competent Gunsmith.  They will accept any standard 3/8" dovetail front sight.

                              ~ $20 ~
                                        (Ramp only)
                         Order via ADD TO CART drop box above


Barrel Mount Sights ship with a .125" (Large) and Receiver Mount Sights ship with our .096" (Standard) aperture installed.
We have 5 aperture sizes available on our 
                 APERTURE page.  

For a bit more "CLASS" add the SKINNER "BLACK GOLD" option to any BLUE Skinner EXPRESS Sight.  Add from our SPECIAL ITEMS page.

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