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QUESTION:    Will this sight work with my factory front sight?

This is the most common question we are asked and applys to all  makes and models.  The answer is...... 


Chances are, if your rifle is shooting to point of aim with the factory "buckhorn" sight and factory front sight, adding a sight to the top of the receiver will raise your point of impact enough to require a taller front sight.   

The very best way to answer this question is to "Shoot N See".

QUESTION:      How tall of a front sight will I need?

There are many variables that make determination of front sight height unique to each rifle. 

Firearms are not like Automobiles.  If you need a part for your car or truck, you can specify the Make, Model, Year, and serial number of your vehicle and get the part you need.  This would also be true of many parts of your firearm.  (stock, extractor, trigger group, magazine, etc.)  Sight height however is much more individual because there are many variables that effect the path a bullet takes leaving the muzzle.  Some of the variables are:

Ammunition: Bullet weight, Powder charge, Primer, Ammo brand, all effect bullet impact in relationship to the sights.  There is a brand of Ammunition that features a flexible point on the tip of the bullet and generates more velocity than some loads of comparable bullet weight.  This bullet has a better Ballistic Coefficient which coupled with higher velocity results in flatter trajectory and normally groups higher than 
conventional ammunition.

Rifle:  Barrel angle to receiver changes are amplified when a sight is mounted on the receiver.  When both sights are mounted on the barrel this variable is eliminated.  Most rifles are lined up normally and work well with receiver sights.  The crown of the barrel can also affect bullet impact on the target.  This isn't the norm but also isn't totally uncommon.  Each rifle has its own unique characteristics that may influence front sight height.

Shooter:  As the gun recoils, a shooters height, weight, strength of grip, cheek pressure, and trigger squeeze all affect the angle of departure as the bullet leaves the barrel.  Also, each shooter views or perceives the sight picture slightly different.  (This is minimized with a peep/aperture sight.)  This is why a firearm sighted in by one individual may group differently for another. 
QUESTIONDo you make sights for (insert make and model not listed on this website)?

I'm always open to ideas about new applications for Skinner Sights.  My passion is to make simple, rugged, accurate sights for "true shooters" who appreciate the attributes of a solidly built peep/aperture sight.  Some firearms lend themselves well to mounting such a sight, some do not.  At the present I have prototypes of several models mounted and in the testing stage.  As time allows, these models will be added to the SKINNER SIGHT lineup and listed here at

There are some models that work well on other firearms than they are listed for.  If your model is not listed on this sight we do not have them in full production at this time.  


                      Do you take orders over the phone?




Orders and Tech Support 
8 - 5 Monday to Friday
Mountain Standard Time


QUESTION:  My IPhones / IPAd is taking me straight to PayPal instead of the Check Out Page:

If you are having a problem with the shopping cart and are using an Iphone or Ipad, please try a PC.   "some", not all, Iphones and Ipads have a setting that is incompatable with our site.   


QUESTION: Can I Mail in my order?

If you wish to mail your order to me, please send a personal check or money order along with a detailed list of items you wish to purchase (plus $7 shipping inside the US) to:

Andy Larsson
P.O. Box 1810
St. Ignatius, MT  59865

Please use the drop boxes and shopping cart on each page or calculate the merchandise total, and add $ (amounts shown here) for S&H.

(Note: USPS continues to raise our shipping rates, shipping materials have gone up 15%, etc.  We know that ordering a couple screws for $1 and being charged $8 for shipping seems like a lot.  Unfortunately, putting the item in a standard envelope generally results in the item not being delivered due to envelope damage.  Bottom line, the more dollar value per order the better shipping value.  For example, our Garment bags shipping actual costs are in the $20+ range while we still only charge $11.  Thank you for understanding!)

For orders totaling:
$1 - $50 = $9.50 S&H
$51 - $100 = $10.50 S&H
$101 - $150 = $12.00 S&H
$151 - AND UP = $13.50 S&H

Send a check or Money Order made out to:

Andy Larsson
P.O. Box 1810
St. Ignatius, MT 59865

QUESTION:  Did you receive my order I placed online?

If you recieved a confirmation of payment from Paypal, then yes, we received your order.  We also try to send a confirmation when the order is printed for the shop.  

QUESTIONWhen will my order/sights ship?

I'm making sights everyday.  Almost all rear sight models are in stock, others are in the process of being made.  Most items ship in 24-48 hours from when you place the order, others take a bit longer.  Front sights are produced between runs of rear sights to reduce tooling time.  I make sights in model groups and am consistently working to produce the very best sights we can ship you.  

Many of our sights are "on the shelf" but please understand that they are still built as custom fit and finish sights.  Writing and asking "When will my sight ship" will not speed up the process.  It actually slows the process down due to time spent answering emails.  We do not have a mechanism in place to keep you updated on the "status" of your order.  


Your order will ship as quickly as possible, however, that can sometimes be a while as that group of sights is being made.

If you ordered via the website, you will receive a confirmation  with tracking information when your order ships.

Some models ship as quickly as they are made.  It is a good idea to place your order rather than wait till it might be in stock. 

QUESTIONHow do you ship?

We ship via USPS First Class. 

QUESTIONWhat size aperture do I need?

We ship most sights with the Standard .096" aperture which works for most shooting conditions.  For Target work the smaller two apertures are very popular, for dimmer light and hunting in the brush, the larger, more open apertures work very well.

Barrel Mounted Sights will ship with a .125" Aperture.

We have made all 5 apertures available in our "Skinner SPECIAL"

QUESTION Should I Loctite the threads on the mounting screws or elevation stem?

No...  If you clean the threads and degrease them before mounting, there should be no need to loctite the screws.  The Hex Keys provide enough torque to keep your sight firmly in place. 

Please Note: USE OF LOCTITE on adjustment locking screws MAY VOID WARRANTY 

How do I adjust my sight?

Elevation is adjusted by loosening the lock screw on the right hand side and turning the aperture stem up or down on its threads, then locking it in place with the screw.  

Windage (on models with dovetailed windage slides and Barrel Mounts) is adjusted by loosening the lock screw on top, then moving the dovetail left or right, (may require tapping with a brass punch) then locking back in place with the lock screw.

NOTE:  Always move the rear sight in the direction you want to move bullet impact on the target.  (example:  You are shooting to the left, move the rear sight to the right.  You are shooting low, move the aperture stem up.

QUESTION:  Is the sight "STEM" fragile?  Do I need the Tactical Sight with "Wings" to protect it?

The stem is NOT fragile.  Our sights are constructed of good materials and will not break unless VERY severely abused.  A simple fall will not break our sight stem.  We know of two broken stems in the past several years.  One was slammed in a gun safe door and was "sheared" off by the heavy steel plates the safe was made of.  The other exited a vehicle that rolled on the highway at 60+ miles per hour.  The sight ground off as the gun was sliding down the pavement.  We provided the parts to repair both sights.

IF it does ever break, I will repair it at no charge. 

QUESTIONWhat finish are the sights?

All our sights are machined from solid barstock.

STAINLESS sights are constructed of Solid Stainless Steel.

BRASS sights are made of Solid brass.

BLUE sights are Carbon Steel and treated with a HOT DIP Black Oxide finish just like your firearm.

QUESTIONDo you make bead or fiber optic front sights?

We do offer Bead and Fiber Optic sights as shown on our FRONT SIGHT page.

QUESTION:  Can I order a sight with special engraving or with NO engraving?   

Special engraving will be charged an additional $35 set up fee.

A $35 fee will also be charged for "non-engraved" sight requests as such requests require special handling and interrupt the work flow.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  There is an issue with my order...

Please remember that at SKINNER SIGHTS we practice the "GOLDEN RULE" in our customer service.


Each and every SKINNER SIGHT product represents a good deal of sweat, pride, and craftsmanship.  Occasionally we do make a mistake.  Our goal is 100% but we are human.  (Almost like Elves in Hollow Trees)

IF there is a problem with your order, please describe it in the best  "Word Picture" you can via Email to me.  It shouldn't be too difficult for us to get on the same page and make sure you get what you need.  It may seem like a phone call would be quicker and easier but its difficult to make production while on the phone.  An Email will allow me to read, re-read, and answer your questions anytime, 24/7.

IF for some reason your SKINNER SIGHT needs to be returned for repair or replacement, please package it in such a way that the "Small Items" (screws, wrenches, etc) do not damage the sight during shipment.

If the sight is damaged during return or missing parts we will charge a restocking fee.  Please do not put adhesive tape or loctite on the sight. 

If your order was shipped to a wrong address entered during the ordering process we cannot be responsible if the order is lost. (please check carefully prior to final confirmation during ordering)  The only address we have is the one supplied by the customer.  

If an order is lost by USPS, after an appropriate period of time, we will replace the order.  USPS Tracking is not an exact science so please give sufficient time for any errors in routing to be corrected. (at least 10 days)

We appreciate our customers who understand "THE GOLDEN RULE" also.  

Bottom line...  At SKINNER SIGHTS we will go out of our way to make sure you receive your order and have what you need to be successful. Please be patient as success is often a "process" not an "event". 

                        THANK YOU !


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