Model 39 Peep Sights 
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  Model 39 Sight in

     Photo Courtesy of customer J. Pomeroy


   The Marlin 39 is one of those "Time Proven" designs that
          has endeared itself to many during the past Century.

Our Skinner 39 Sight will look beautiful on your rifle!
  The fast target acquisition of our aperture sight coupled with the low recoil .22lr makes this an incredibly fun combination to shoot!

                    RECENT EMAIL FROM A CUSTOMER (5-13-2015)

As a squirrel rifle addict, I now have two of my favored Marlins (1897 Cowboy/1897 Texan) with Skinner fronts and rears. Perfect. TN squirrels now living in constant fear. Incidently, the little triangle file I ordered from Skinner is a must for front sight installation.  Your sight system just stone cold works.  Very pleased. Thanks. Col. Wm. V.   USA. Retired.

The Model 39 sight works on the Model 39A, 39M and 39D rifles.  This sight is available in Blued Steel and Brass.  It mounts using the two drilled and tapped holes on top of the receiver. 
It is adjustable for both windage and elevation.  Most of the time it works with the factory front sight.  No gunsmithing is needed to mount the sight.
The removable .096" aperture allows the marksman to use a fine aperture or a much larger ghost ring. Other size apertures are available on our APERTURES page.  Mounting screws and set screw wrench are included.

(not available in Stainless)



Skinner Sights in "BLACK GOLD"

Black_GoldFor a special touch of "CLASS"
and just a bit of extra "BLING"
consider adding


to your Skinner Windage Adjustable sight.
Order this option on our SPECIAL ITEMS page.

This sight measures .420" from the top of the reciever to the center of the aperture at the lowest setting.

See our FRONT SIGHT page for answers about "Will my factory front sight work with this sight". 


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