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Marlin 1894 "RELIABLE" Sight

This Sight fits the Model 1894 Marlin lever action rifles.

(Fits all variations including the Marlin Cowboy Rifles)

This sight is designed to mount using the existing pre-drilled and tapped holes on the top of the receiver. It is adjustable for windage and elevation and adjustments are locked in place with set screws. Our sights are precision manufactured to close tolerances and can be ordered in Blued Steel, Stainless Steel or Brass.

The removable .096" aperture allows the marksman to use a fine aperture or a much larger ghost ring. Other aperture sizes are available, please see our APERTURES
page on the side bar.

Mounting screws and a set screw wrench are included.
( No Gunsmithing Required! )

See our FRONT SIGHT page for information on "Will my factory front sight work with this sight."


Blued Steel


Stainless Steel



Note:  These are early photographs of our RELIABLE sights.  Current production is a bit "Sleeker" and has "Skinner" engraved on top.



The SKINNER "EXPRESS" Sight blends the lines and beauty of
this beautiful, trim, classic rifle. Engraved across the top,
You will love this sight for its "ELEGANT" and functional look.

Brass aperture stem (optional), was used for contrast in this photo.

While this sight looks great on all Model 94 Marlins, it looks
AMAZING on the Octagon Cowboy Rifles!

Price is $95 Blue, $100 Brass, $105 Stainless


94_Tac_AResponding to customer
requests for a practical "WINGED" sight for
the 94 Marlin, We have
created the same bullet
proof sight design as we
developed for the 1895
and 336 frame guns.

This sight is fully
windage and elevation

94_Tac_CWindage is adjustable
via two slotted screw
holes while elevation
is accomplished by
threads on the aperture
stem. This sight uses
all our aperture sizes
and ships with the .096


Available in:
Blue ~ $80 and Stainless ~ $95


Skinner Sights "BLACK GOLD"

Black_GoldFor a little bit of "Bling" and a touch of
"Class" consider adding


to any of our Windage Adjustable Sights.

Add this option from our SPECIAL ITEMS page.

If you remove the factory barrel
mounted dovetail rear sight,
use this dovetail filler blank for a
great "finished" look!

See our SPECIAL ITEMS page.

Available in BLUE and SILVER to match the finish of your rifle.



Windage adjustment is accomplished by sliding the dovetail piece left or right in its slot. The fit is tight, so you may need a brass punch to move it. Once adjusted, it is locked in place with the set screw on top of the sight in front of the peep. When adjusting, move the rear sight in the direction you want to bullet impact to move.

Elevation adjustment is accomplished by turning the peep on its threaded shaft to raise or lower the aperture. One half turn will move the point of impact about 2 inches at 100 yards, depending on your sight radius. The aperture can be threaded into the peep stem from either side. Once adjusted, the peep stem is locked in place using the set screw on the side of the dovetail piece.

Caution is required to avoid injury when the dovetail piece is removed. The corners of the dovetail slot are sharp. Use a brass punch, wooden dowel, or plastic punch to remove the dovetail.

This sight measures .420" from the top of the receiver to the center of the aperture.

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