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Ballistol is the professionals choice for Cleaning, Lubrication, and Protecting fine firearms.

                               C = Clean
                               L = Lubricate
                               P = Protect

I've been using and maintaining firearms virtually all of my life  Like YOU, always searching for the "perfect" solution for cleaning, preserving, protecting and lubricating our guns.   
My first experience with Ballistol was 40 years ago when a former Rhodesian Soldier from Zimbabwe introduced me to this "Wonder Oil"  He said, "Andy, this will help you win battles"

I'd tried many of the other products on the market at that time and some were good, some were bad, some were Ugly

Since discovering Ballistol, I've never looked back.

Makes a great bore cleaner as well.  Keeps carbon loosened up, reduces fouling, and protects the bore from corrosion.


Skinner Sights is now sending a Ballistol wipe with every carbon steel rear sight sold.  (Including our BLACK GOLD)

Skinner Sights is now sending a FREE Ballistol wipe with every carbon steel rear sight sold.

After installing your Skinner Sight, use the provided wipe to remove finger prints, salts and oils and leave a protective coating on your sight.  While you are at it, wipe down the entire firearm (wood, steel, leather) with the wipe.  You will be amazed how it brings luster back to the gun and blends minor nicks and scratches in the wood.

REPEAT after every outing prior to putting the firearm away

The wipe will last for several applications.  Just put it in a small ziploc bag after use and save it for the future.  

Read the Ballistol story here  About Us - Ballistol

A famous gun writer was quoted as saying, "Some say it smells bad.  I say it smells like you know what you are doing"

While we make no claims to its medicinal properties, ballistol was the first thing my wife could smell after having Covid!

I take them on my hunting and shooting trips to clean and protect my guns on the go.  Unlike "bottles" and "cans", these wipes do not come open or leak in transit. All too often we had opened our gear upon arrival only to find a mess where something had leaked.  These wipes go everywhere and do everything I need. 

Extra wipes available
50 Cents ea / 10 for $4.50 / 20 for $8.00  
Ballistol Wipe

Also available in Non-Aerosol 4 oz cans
For home and on the bench, this can will last a long, long time

This could be the best $9.50 you can spend on firearm care.


Ballistol Can


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